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Landscape Vision: Windows Landscape Design with over 1000 photorealistic plant images
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23 September 2009

Editor's review

Are planning to fill your garden with beautiful plants to give your house an even pleasing environment and appearance? But, it’s often difficult to decide where to place your plants and how to make it lawn or your garden look beautiful. How about previewing before your actually plant your favorite flowers, shrubs, and trees? Now, if you’re thinking about can you have a preview then the answer is with the assistance of Landscape Vision 6.0. The utility provides you with landscape design along with more then thousand photorealistic plant pictures. You simply have to load an image of your home, choose and place plants at desired places, draw mulch areas, design sidewalks, and save or print the output layout for comparison to get the best design selected. This program with its comprehensive and effective plant database can help you plan the plants shopping list.

Landscape Vision 6.0 can be used with ease due to its user-friendly GUI and simple functions. For beginning to use the Landscape Vision, you’ve load an image of your home into the program. Next with the Hardiness Zone option you can select specific zone so that you can plan desired plants at certain particular places. Now, start the designing task with drawing sidewalks and mulch areas, to later drag and several plants at specific positions, accordingly. For plant selection, the program includes a huge database, from where you can choose desired plants and place them anywhere you want. You can also define the light type, view plant bio, check outdoor living products, hardscapes, and other features for designing your house layout. Finally either you can save your created design as images in gallery or print them for keeping images with you while actually planting trees, shrubs, etc in your garden/lawn. Now, you can print the list of you selected plants for shopping.

By creating different designs with Landscape Vision you can compare and choose the best placement order for your plants in your lawn/garden. Since the utility is easily operable and provides you with fantastic plants database along with wonderful performance, it has been assigned with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Landscape Vision: Windows Landscape Design with over 1000 photorealistic plant images. Landscape Vision’s plant data base has been rated “Best Plant Data Base” 5 years in a row, by Top Ten Reviews! Our plant bios are informative, our images are crisp and clear, and the program is easy to use even for the total novice, and that is what they're saying ("Landscape Vision is extremely easy to use," says Landscape Vision-very easy for anyone who can use a mouse, trackball, or mousepad. Landscape Design with Landscape Vision—Just Five Easy Steps:
1. Load an image of your home into Landscape Vision
2. Choose your hardiness zone so plant choices will be limited to appropriate choices
3. Start designing by drawing mulch areas and sidewalks, then dragging and dropping various plants
4. Save and print your landscape design
5. Print your plant shopping list while in Landscape Vision
Landscape Vision
Landscape Vision
Version 6.0
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